How to get the best tuxedo deal

How to get the best tuxedo deal

How to get the best tuxedo deal:

No matter what you pay for formal wear, if it doesn’t look good on your groom or grooms men or your dads, it is not a deal.  So let’s start with that.

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There is nothing like a properly fitted tuxedo.

Go to a shop where they know what they are doing; where the sales people are not high school kids on a summer job, but trained professionals who know how to dress themselves (and you) correctly.

Select a jacket style for each man.  Do not take a “one style fits all” approach.  The tall thin man and the short round man can not wear the came coat and both look good.  Use matching accessories to make them look like a group.

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Let the clothes fit the man.

MEN:  Try the whole suite on in the store when it is picked up. That is the only way the shop can guarantee the fit.  There is someone in the store who can adjust trouser length, exchange shirts and accessories, and show you how to wear the outfit so you look great.   Do NOT let one person pick up everyone else’s tux!  You will have unpleasant surprises at the last minute and no time to fix the error.

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Choose a shop that owns the styles you want.  Many shops sub-rent from wholesalers in Seattle, Chicago or Los Angeles.  If you need a last minute change, be sure they can accommodate you.