Dahviya and Jeff at the Elysian Ballroom

Dahviya and Jeff at the Elysian Ballroom

 Mike Piper – easily one of this area’s finest Wedding Coordinators / Planners (An Affair to Remember) – hosted the Dahviya Davis / Jeff Eriksson wedding & reception at his Elysian Ballroom in Downtown Portland.  Mike guided the wedding party and families flawlessly throughout the day.

Mike acquired the ballroom in 2012 and restored the entire space in his own classic style.  The large auditorium/ballroom, ample bar/reception area and the spacious dressing rooms exhibit Victorian elegance with a modern touch.  While I waited in the wings for the ceremony to begin, I overheard very positive comments from several guests.  One woman  gasped as she entered the ballroom and exclaimed, “How beautiful!”

Dahviya was stunning in a gown by Lena Medoyeff Studio in NW Portland.  The Groom was appropriately nervous, and the Families and Guests were clearly happy with the day’s celebration.  Cocktails were served before the ceremony, which took the edge off Jeff’s nerves.

The Ceremony itself was, of course, Perfect:  simple and elegant.  (“Simplicity is the Key to Elegance”)  Music before, during and after the ceremony was provided by the Zenda Torrey Band, a marvelous local jazz trio that added another level of elegance to the day.

Photography was provided by Holland Studios.   Eric Holen, aided by a very skillful assistant, brought his inimitable style and talent to the formal photographic session before the ceremony.  Some family members were distracted by children and concerns for elder members of the group.  Yet, Eric’s people skills and patience with people whose attention was often scattered got the job done without adding to the stress of the day.

Dahviya was especially happy with their cake (gluten free & vegan) by Piece of Cake Bakery.

One of the spacious dressing rooms was thoughtfully set aside and equipped with toys and games for younger children, and a place to nap when needed.1   Two nannies were in attendance for those young guests.  The children had more fun on their own than if they had been expected to join the adults for cocktails and reception.  Their parents had more fun, too, without the distraction of tired, bored and whining children.

Dahviya, Jeff and their Families will always look back with fond memories of an exciting and joyful day that ran smoothly from start to finish.

1 Great Idea! We strongly suggest providing safe and enjoyable child care for younger guests.